Once upon a time in Le Moulin du Kaegy

in Steinbrunn-Le-Bas

An estate full of history
le domaine du kaegy mulhouse


The diocese of Bâle was originally created along with Le Moulin du Kaegy, which was built for grinding flour.


Throughout the years, Le Moulin du Kaegy was operated by several families, who used the windmill up until the 1st World War. From 1918 until 1936, the windmill was still only used to grind cereals for use as livestock feed. The last family of millers at the Windmill was the BOHRER family.

le domaine du kaegy mulhouse


The MUNTZ family, which is the BOHRER family heir and her husband, decided to sell Le Moulin du Kaegy to the SIM (Mulhouse Industrial Society), which planned to turn it into a restaurant.


Opening the restaurant. Mr ENGASSER the manager, was also the head of the Alsace potash mines.


On the 24 September 1962 at 3 in the morning, Le Moulin du Kaegy fell victim to a fire which devastated the establishment. SIM then commissioned the architect Yves RUHLMANN, to restore the damaged building whilst preserving its spirit.


Yves RUHLMANN finished the refurbishment and decoration of the new restaurant; this was the beginning of Bernard BEGAT’s adventure, after moving to Kaegy with his family. His delicate and refined cuisine, matching the surroundings, was recognised with “étoile Michelin”. Le Moulin du Kaegy remained a gastronomic institution for over 30 years.

le domaine du kaegy mulhouse
le domaine du kaegy mulhouse


Bernard BEGAT sold Le Moulin du Kaegy to friends, who made it their private residence.


Camille SCHNECKENBURGER and Antony MEZZAROBBA became the Moulin du Kaegy’s new owners. Thoroughly charmed by this authentic Alsatian building, the land that surrounds it and its history, they wanted to reopen its doors to the public. This was the start of two years of work which would see the couple surrounded by the best professionals, for a transformation befitting this exceptional location.

le domaine du kaegy mulhouse
A renovation with heart

Le Moulin du Kaegy has been transformed into a luxury hotel, and is ready to welcome guests again after 20 years, under the new name: Le Domaine du Kaegy.  This is a new chapter in the long life of Kaegy.

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